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News about GP CPCS in Cornwall – 23rd March 2022

As many of you will be aware Cornwall & Isles of Scilly LPC at the start of the GP CPCS implementation decided to engage Pharmrefer as our preferred mechanism for GPs to refer into community pharmacies in Cornwall. It is fair to say that despite our optimistic approach to the service it has been a little lacklustre in the first year with GPs not referring in the numbers we expected, this therefore does not justify the ongoing cost of the Pharmrefer pathway into GP CPCS. After reviewing at the last LPC committee meeting it was decided despite the many benefits of Pharmrefer, not to renew as the cost vs benefit was prohibitive.

We were really keen to make the process of referral as simple as possible for both GPs and our contractors in Pharmacy, therefore we are going to move forward utilising a mechanism that GPs are completely comfortable and aware of in AcccuRx. The AccuRx system is a system that is used by GPs to facilitate virtual communication with patients so will be really straightforward to use, these referrals will arrive in the Pharmacy via NHS email, we know some of you will already be utilising this method. Our project team have pulled together simple guides for both Pharmacy and GPs which are attached below, so please have look and distribute amount your teams. These guides can also be given to your GP teams if they are wishing to begin utilising the GP CPCS service.

Going forward please ensure that you and your team regularly check your NHS email throughout the day for any referrals.

As always if you need any support or have any questions on GP CPCS please contact or

Nick, Phil & Drew

Your LPC Team

Pharmacy guidance receiving GP CPCS via NHS mail

AccuRx GP Practice Guide