First Public Health campaign Launch Learning@Lunch

As you will hopefully be aware, we have secured significant funding from our local public health team to deliver 4 public health campaigns per year over the next 2 years. There is also outreach and innovation funding which we will tell you more about later this year.

The first campaign will be around Sexual Health, and will run from 1st July until 31st August. We are holding a Learning@Lunch session next Thursday 29th June at 13:00 via Microsoft Teams to give you all the details.

We have created all the materials required to support your teams in delivering this campaign and worked hard to ensure, despite outside pressures, that this is as unonerous as possible, these materials will start to arrive by post early next week.

We would welcome a member of your team engaging with the session we are holding virtually next Thursday. The link can be found below…

Microsoft Teams Link