LPC Committee members announced!

As you will be aware the LPC committee runs for a 4 year period (recently 5 with COVID).

The term of the LPC expired in May 2023 and we therefore have a new committee for the period of June 2023 – April 2027. The CCA and AIM representatives were nominated by their organisations and they are as follows

AIM Rosie McDermott and Rebecca Emery

CCA  Clare Ingram, Neil Crozier, John Varnish and the CCA have 2 seats yet to fill

There were two seats on the committee for independent members, we were lucky to have 4 candidates put themselves forward and as you will be aware we went to a vote

Neil Ham, Susanna Sherwood, Ian Bloxham and Chris Naidu were all nominated.

We can confirm following the election Ian Bloxham and Chris Naidu were successfully elected to those seats. The LPC wishes to thank all those candidates that took part and thank you to all that voted.

The first full committee meeting is on 5th July 2023 and the agenda will be published soon, however if you wish to ask a question of the committee then please drop an email to admin@cornwalllpc.org full minutes will also be published following the meeting.