Pharmacist IP survey Cornwall

Cornwall & IOS LPC are working closely with both NHSE and Kernow ICB to bring on some form of IP in community pharmacies in Cornwall. As such we are trying to gather a database of Pharmacists here in Cornwall in all sectors who are either currently a qualified IP or are on an IP course.

We are asking you to simply complete the below form, the information will be kept within the LPC as a database and will only be shared with the ICB if you agree you are happy for us to share this information.

IP Cornwall
Would you be willing/able to work in another pharmacy/PCN as part of an IP pathfinder site? (for example, another branch of a pharmacy you own or work for)
Where do you practice? (select all that apply)
Address of practice location
Address of practice location
Cornwall & Isles of Scilly will keep your information secure on a database. Are you happy for us to share your information with Cornwall & Isles of Scilly ICB?
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