Public Health Campaign Weight Management

The national Weight Management  campaign commences today 3 January, 2023 and will run until Sunday 29 January, 2023.

The campaign aims to promote adult nutrition and physical activity. As part of the Healthy living support domain of the 2022/23 Pharmacy Quality Scheme, pharmacy teams are required to proactively discuss weight management with a minimum of 25 patients and refer at least four patients (who meets the criteria for referral) to either a Local Authority funded tier 2 weight management service or the NHS Digital Weight Management Programme. Pharmacy teams could use the campaign materials as conversation starters to assist them with meeting these requirements.

Resources to support the campaign within community pharmacy can be ordered from the Campaign Resources Centre website.

Some resources are below.

Recording of Conversations:

  • There is a requirement for all pharmacies to upload their data for this Health Campaign onto PharmOutcomes, we have provided a manual tally sheet (attached) for you to record these conversations for your convenience.
  • We will then require you to complete the evaluation survey on PharmOutcomes from Monday 13 February to 24 February 2023 to report your figures; even if it is a nil return  (further details about this will be provided in following emails)
  • We would like to reassure contractors that we do review all evaluation submissions in the interests of sharing learning, good news stories and of course, in the general interests of promoting the great work of community pharmacy within primary care and your local communities.


National Health Campaign- Weight Management 2023 – Tally Sheet